There Is Hope

She lent me the first in the “Left Behind” series.

What a great book it was, even though I didn’t understand much of it. Around that time, I met my current husband, Ken. I knew he was a decent guy, but I did not know that he was a committed Christian. (Looking back, I don’t know how I could not have known, because he definitely told me about it. Repeatedly. Must’ve been scales on my eyes.) Ken bought me the next 4 or 5 books for Valentine’s Day, and I read those with the Bible, looking up everything that happened to see if it lined up.

Ken and I were married in August 2000, and in March, 2001, while driving to the store, the thought occurred to me that the Rapture could happen at any moment, and that I could decide to follow Jesus or not, but I should make that decision now, because I really didn’t know if there would be a tomorrow.

When I got home, I told Ken, "I think we should go to church." He was one very happy camper.

Within days, we went to the First Baptist Church in Edinburg, Texas, having heard the pastor of that church on the radio. I filled out a card in the pew, stating that I wanted to give my life to Jesus Christ. Two days later, two men from the church came to our home and formally led me to the Lord. When I asked Him into my heart, I felt the most wonderful feeling wash over me. I have never been able to describe it fully, but it was a warmth that started inside of me and simply enveloped my body. I knew instantly that accepting Him into my life was the most right thing I had ever done.

I knew that Jesus accepted me, no matter what horrendous things I had done in my life. And I knew that having His forgiveness, I could now forgive myself.

When people say that the “hunger” for the Word, I know exactly what they mean. I could not get enough information about what He said and did. I went to church and bible studies, I read the Word for hours on end. And I still wanted more.

I thought that maybe my conviction that Jesus Christ is Lord would fade. I was afraid that it would be like everything else in my life that seemed to have faded in importance; that I had “outgrown,” and that soon I would be on to something else.

But that is not what has happened. Today, I am more convinced than ever that He lives, and I am honored and humbled that He lives in me! I am assured of where I will spend eternity, and I want to tell the world!

He has changed my life beyond anything I could have imagined. My family and people who have known me for years tell me how much I have changed, and how different I am. But He has changed me far more than anyone can see.

What did I have to do to get my assurance and to change my life? Nothing more than accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Simple as pie. 

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